Managing Images with WordPress

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Manage and Tag media types like you do content. The web is multi-media. Improve your SEO, and your ability to manage images using WP Media Tagger


Hotlink Protection for Images

An all too common problem on the Internet is bandwidth theft. If another site owner likes one of your images, he may decide to use it on his blog. But rather then asking for permission and giving you proper attribution, the image is “hotlink” from your site and server – his webpage will retrieve the image from your server every time someone loads his web page. Not only is he stealing your image , but he is stealing your bandwidth as well. The Hotlink Protection plugin for WordPress will help protect your copyrights and bandwidth.

Watermark RELOADED

Another way to combat copyright and bandwidth theft of your images is to use a watermark. A watermark is a small text or image usually positioned in the corner of a image or overlayed onto the image with a soft, transparent background. Rather than using expensive photo-editing software, the Watermark RELOADED plugin can apply one for you on the fly. Using Watermark RELOADED, you can customize the look of the watermark and where you want it to appear.

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